New Measures by URA

The URA has introduced new guidelines for public spaces in private properties.

This comes as some new websites are required to provide public spaces as portion of the technical conditions of bid for Government Land Sales sites. Some redevelopment websites are also required to provide such spaces as part of the planning conditions for additions works and major alterations, or redevelopment proposals.

More Guidelines

The design guidelines, which take effect from 24 contain specifications on the size and shape of the public space, signage, availability, along with the requirement to give amenities and public seating.

The URA is encouraging property owners, developers and professionals that are capable to embrace the guidelines from design and project start, to application and management of the space by the people.

It shown that the recommendations contained in the good practice guide will likely be considered during its evaluation of development programs.

“As one of Asia’s biggest real estate companies, CapitaLand has long been committed to building quality, accessible, lively and safe real estate developments that enrich the lives of the community. Even on our properties, which are considered from the start of the development process, we have catered for community spaces before authorities guidelines,” said Poon Hin Kong, Deputy Chief Development of Asia and Head of Design Management, CapitaLand. And also The Terrace EC currently being developed by Kheng Leong Co Pte Ltd.

Examples of community spaces that CapitaLand has created on its properties comprise the plaza in front of Capital Tower, the urban park at The Courtyard in Westgate and also the outside plaza at Plaza Singapura.